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The Season
The first day of October kicks off the start of the low land trout fishing season . The first weekend of November is when most of the high country opens, there are however some rivers , streams , creeks and tarns that do not open until the first weekend of December . It is important that you check a current Fish & Game New Zealand sports fishing regulations guide to ensure that you are fishing within the correct regulations for each location you intend fly fishing . These are obtained from most New Zealand fishing tackle stores or are given when you purchase a New Zealand Trout fishing license.

For more information on these regulations please go to

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The Climate
November through to March are our main summer months , temperatures get up around 25-30 degrees. The abundance of insect activity at these high temperatures make for some great dry flyfishing action. A size 12 to 16 Royal Wolf on a high country stream in such conditions is one of our more favored flies and often entices large browns to come up and snap at such an offering. Early morning and late evenings are also prime times to be out on the river bed for there are generally good insect hatches at these lower light hours. When you strike a good hatch its not uncommon to catch more than two or three fish from the same pool. When fishing the middle of the day it pays to not over look those turbulent runs and rapids these are well worth fishing for on hot summer days fish tend to like the cool oxygenated waters and a weighted Nymph can be very rewarding, a dry fly indicator is also suggested if conditions permit.

I have now had over 25 years fly fishing experience and with this comes an extensive knowledge of some of the South Islands finest fly fishing, and trout fishing locations in New Zealand, and its these remote back country rivers that are the heart of our fly fishing guiding operations.

We believe here at Glendeer Fly Fishing Guides that with our extensive time spent trout fishing and guiding in these hidden river valley's that we have a greater understanding and knowledge than most on all aspects of fly fishing , trout behaviour, insect/entomology, weather patterns and most important river conditions all helping to insure a rewarding fly fishing and trout fishing time for all.

fly fishing guides in new zealandGuiding has been a full time job for me for the last 7 years and my guiding experience stems back to the late 90s. There are many great benefits to being a New Zealand fly fishing guide: meeting anglers from around the globe, hiking in the back country's maze of mountain rivers and streams but like most anglers/guides its always great to see a well presented fly taken by a trout of the top in a scenic mountain setting with one of your fellow anglers or clients, it is picture you will lock in to your memory banks for a long time.

If you would like any further information please feel free to contact me directly using our fly fishing enquiries page or by using the contact details page.


Paul McLauchlan is a registered member of the New Zealand Professional Flyfishing Guides Association - the governing body of sport trout fisherman in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

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