Some of the glowing feedback we receive from our clients.

Hi Paul,

I get a report from all my clients on their NZ trips and thought you would enjoy these comments from Andy Baxter excerpted from his report:

The big event was Paul. Don, this young man has to be on my very short list as the best guide I have ever had, and I've had a bunch. Now, at the end of the day, it's all about the fish, and I know that -- rare that someone complains about the guide if the fishing is great, and rarer still that the guide gets high grades if the fishing is poor. And we had as good a 4 days as one can have. But this guy is the best. Every category. Personality, knowledge, access to water, hard-working, great coach, high energy, and flexible. Just sensational. You need to fish with this guy yourself, which I know you haven't. Incidentally, he was clear about the fact that he would not show you some of the water that he took us to because of your role as an outfitter and that the word would spread. Why he elected to take us where he did is beyond me. We did have a good first day, and we delivered the goods, but still, it seemed like he gave us the best he had in his arsonal. The rainbow attached was 10-11 pounds and took about 20 minutes and 300-400 yards of downstream racing. Paul gave us textbook New Zealand fishing and we will never forget it. It was the centerpiece of the whole trip.

Thanks for taking such good care of my clients. I’ve got to get by next year, if I can work it in, and fish with you and see your home stay set up. I’ll be in touch as I get organized for next years trip.


Don Muelrath (Inbound Fly Fishing agent/operator, USA)

Dear Paul and Jude

Just wanted to drop you a line to say a huge thanks for such an awesome fly fishing experience, I really enjoyed meeting you both! Paul you have the patience of a saint and our 3 days on the water were great fun and hugely successful in terms of fly fishing!! You showed me some incredible parts of our beautiful country. I would also like to pass on my congratulations on your excellent accommodation, Glendeer Lodge. This was beyond expectation, really well appointed, and probably the best three nights sleep I have had in years!!! So thanks for such an awesome trip, all I can say is bring on the new season, as I will be back for more!

Best regards


Sam Anderson
Auckland, New Zealand

Dear Paul,

We had an excellent time fishing with you and staying at Glendeer. Thanks very much. Attached are some pictures from our time with you. As we speak, we are recording our video for Terrie's mom - it is great to watch and remember the wonderful 3 days with you. Also, thank Jude for her fine hospitality. We were saved by her pasta, and it was perfect.

We had a fantastic time, guided by Paul. He is extremely skilled at spotting fish, observing their feeding behaviour, and coaching us to get hooked up with monster browns and rainbows. He thinks so much like a trout that I think somehow he must be closely related!

I hope that someday our paths will cross again. Somehow I doubt that you can avoid crossing our son's path. He was quite impressed with the pictures and video!

Best regards to you and Jude,


Dave and Terrie Griffith
Layton, Utah - USA

"We had a great time! Thanks Jude & Paul for the hospitality. We enjoyed the beautiful weather while out fishing with Paul and both learned lots as well. Loved the B&B location - enjoyed the quiet secluded beach. Appreciate the attention to detail and care shown by both Jude & Paul. Thanks again!"


Brian Green & Kera Gautreau
Houston, Texas - USA

"Paul, you were saving the best for last. Great day, and it was great for us to make a new friend. Thank you for the world class time. Absolutely loved the fishing even if the weather did it's best to thwart us! We learned heaps, too much to remember. We will think of you often until next time, which we hope is not long.

Thank you for everything."

Sam & Will Smart
Seattle, Washington, USA


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